רמקול SONOS Play 3

רמקול SONOS Play 3


And perfectly suited to narrow and high or wide and low spaces.

Surrounding and powerful, bass sound is surprisingly loud in size.

You can lay horizontally or balanced the sound remains amazing.

A pair of Play 3 speakers can function as a rear speaker in a home theater system

Can be hung on a wall or on a stand

Streaming over a wireless network instead of Bluetooth to enjoy music that never ends and without interference of incoming phone calls

Connects to Amazon Echo or Dot and allows to easily ask for your favorite music

Product Description



Three Class D digital amplifiers perfectly suited for speakers and speaker architecture

One Twitter which creates crisp, clear sound at high frequencies

Two instant woofers that provide stereo sound and ensure you will hear tunes that are true to the source at the frequencies immediately along with a deep bass rich

A bass radiator that provides a deep, clear and surprisingly deep bass from a small case

Bass and treble controllers for optimal sound – You can adjust the sound for each room individually or in a group of rooms


Dimensions: (height) 132 X (width) 268 X (depth) 160 mm

Weight: 2.6 kg

Finish: White with light grill, black with graphite gray grill

Buttons and indicator lights on the upper panel – volume buttons, playing and stopping. LEDs to indicate the status of SONOS components and mute mode.

Screw hole 6.35 mm / 20 holes Suitable for standard wall clamp or stands.

Electricity and network

Automatic switch for universal power connection, 50-60Hz, AC 100-240V

Connectivity to a wireless network instead of Bluetooth – Connect to your home wireless network with any 802.11b / g 2.4 GHz router to stream wireless music without interference.

10/100 Mbps Ethernet connection – You can connect directly to the router if the wireless network is unstable or through an Ethernet port that provides Internet access to devices that do not support the network by installing. Sonos BOOST


Sonos PLAY 3, power cord, flat Ethernet cable, quick start guide, warranty / legal information.

Price: ₪ 1,290


Voice control – can be used with Amazon Echo or Dot to send on songs, playlists, radio stations, podcasts and more.

Installation on WIFI – Connect, connect and stream without any interruptions at all.

Play in any room – You can play different songs in different rooms or the same song everywhere.

Control with one application – choose a room, select a song, and click Play.

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